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Different Types of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Solutions

Different Types of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Solutions

Justin Rollin

Effectively melting snow and ice is crucial for safe winter property maintenance. Magnesium chloride has become a leading ice melt solution, offering advantages over options like calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

As a supplier of premium magnesium chloride products, Ninja De-Icer understands the nuances of different ice melt formulations. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of various types of magnesium chloride de-icers. Join our experienced team as we delve into the power of magnesium chloride in keeping winter hazards at bay.

Magnesium Chloride Uses

Magnesium Chloride Uses

Magnesium chloride offers a wide range of applications beyond ice melting, so it's a versatile choice. 

Here are some uses to consider:

  • Ice melt: With its excellent ability to melt ice at low temperatures, magnesium chloride is commonly utilized as an ice-melting agent. It's more effective than many other ice melters, especially at colder temperatures below zero. Magnesium chloride works fast to break the ionic bonds that form ice, making it a top choice for ice melt products. Its performance and reduced corrosivity, compared to salts like sodium chloride, make magnesium chloride a prime option for winter ice removal;
  • Dust control: In addition to its effectiveness as an ice melter, magnesium chloride is commonly used for dust control on roads and construction sites. Its hygroscopic properties enable it to absorb moisture from the air, reducing dust and improving air quality. Applying magnesium chloride keeps particulate matter settled, improving visibility and safety. With its environmental benefits and economical performance, magnesium chloride is a leading solution for suppressing dust.

With its multiple uses and benefits, magnesium chloride is a valuable option for winter maintenance and other applications.

Effective Magnesium Chloride Products

Magnesium chloride ice melt solutions offer versatile options for effective winter maintenance.

Lightning Premium Ice Melter

Lightning Premium Ice Melter

Featuring a powerful blend of sodium chloride and pre-treated magnesium chloride, Lightning Premium Ice Melter is specially designed to melt ice rapidly and effectively. It's coated with a corrosion inhibitor to protect surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various applications. With a low effective temperature of -20°F, our ice melt product is capable of tackling even the toughest ice formations. The vibrant aqua color ensures easy visibility during application. This product comes in both a 50-pound bag and a 25-pound bag with a convenient carrying handle.

Lightning Premium Treated Bulk Salt

Lightning Premium Treated Salt is sodium chloride coated with magnesium chloride, an organic carbohydrate, and a corrosion inhibitor. The product is also dyed aqua to make application easier. This treated salt is designed to be more effective than the average rock salt, which means 50% less product can be used even when temperatures fall below zero. This salt is also safe for equipment, vegetation, and animals. 

ClearLane® Treated Bulk Salt

ClearLane® Treated Bulk Salt

ClearLane® Treated Salt is pre-wet sodium chloride (rock salt) enhanced with magnesium chloride. The product also has a corrosion inhibitor, coloring agent, and leaching inhibitor. It remains free-flowing at low temperatures and adheres to the road surface more effectively than dry salt, minimizing scatter. This product allows you to use up to 30% less product compared to regular rock salt and continues to melt ice below zero. 

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melt Salt Blend (Bag)

Jiffy Melt® Ice Melt Salt Blend is a top-quality ice melt product that combines the power of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride. This unique blend is carefully formulated to activate quickly and effectively break up ice, thanks to the addition of magnesium chloride. With an effective temperature of -10°F, Jiffy Melt® is designed to provide efficient ice melting even in colder conditions.

12 Lb Lightning Fast Ice Melter Shaker Jug

12 Lb Lightning Fast Ice Melter Shaker Jug

12 Lb Lightning Fast Ice Melter Shaker Jug is an exceptional ice melt product that guarantees outstanding performance. It has a potent blend of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, a corrosion inhibitor, and an exclusive proprietary mixture, allowing this ice melter to deliver superior ice melting power even in temperatures as low as -20°F. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and hello to safe walkways, stairs, and entryways with our convenient and effective shaker jug.

Dead Sea MAG (Bag)

Dead Sea MAG is the ultimate solution for melting ice and ensuring safe walkways throughout the winter season. This product is composed of magnesium chloride pellets harvested from the Dead Sea. It effectively melts ice down to -13°F and is safe for concrete, pets, and the environment. Don't let ice be a hazard – choose Dead Sea MAG for reliable and efficient ice melting.

MeltDown™ Apex

MeltDown™ Apex is a cutting-edge liquid de-icing product that harnesses the power of magnesium chloride for exceptional performance. This innovative solution not only reduces the time between de-icing cycles but also enhances the effectiveness of de-icing salt. With an impressive effectiveness down to -8°F, MeltDown™ Apex ensures efficient ice and snow removal, keeping surfaces safe and accessible. 

Choose Ninja De-Icer for Superior Magnesium Chloride Products

Choose Ninja De-Icer for Superior Magnesium Chloride Products

Experience the power of Ninja De-Icer's top-quality magnesium chloride products. Trust us as your reliable de-icer supplier for effective ice melting and enhanced safety on your surfaces.

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Varieties of Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Solutions

Explore the different forms of magnesium chloride ice melt solutions for effective winter maintenance.

Magnesium Chloride Liquid De-Icing Products

Magnesium chloride liquid de-icing products are a versatile solution for winter maintenance. These products, usually in the form of a liquid solution, are made from magnesium chloride. They offer effective ice-melting capabilities and are often used to treat traditional rock salt to improve performance. However, they can also be used in a liquid form that allows for easy application and better coverage on surfaces. Thanks to its lower freezing point, magnesium chloride liquid de-icing products can be effective in colder temperatures, providing a reliable option for combating ice and ensuring safe conditions.

Magnesium Chloride Pellets

Magnesium Chloride Pellets

Magnesium chloride pellets are a form of ice melt product that consists of spherical pellets made from magnesium chloride. The unique pellet shape can be advantageous due to its ability to “bore” into the snow and ice, thereby creating a melting layer underneath, which allows the snow to be scraped away. Another noteworthy advantage of magnesium chloride pellets is their effectiveness in extremely cold temperatures. They're an ideal choice for combating ice and maintaining safe surfaces even in harsh winter conditions.

Tips for Using Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Solutions

Using magnesium chloride ice melt solutions effectively can ensure optimal ice removal and safety on icy surfaces. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Proper application: Consider using a salt spreader for even distribution of the magnesium chloride ice melter on outdoor surfaces;
  • Follow instructions: Make sure to read and follow the product instructions carefully, including recommended application rates and guidelines for specific temperatures;
  • Pre-treatment: Consider using liquid magnesium chloride to pre-treat surfaces before a freeze to prevent ice adhesion and make removal easier;
  • Clear snow before application: Remove any loose snow or slush before applying the ice melter for better contact and enhanced effectiveness;
  • Adjust for low temperatures: In extremely low temperatures, you may need to apply a higher concentration of the magnesium chloride ice melter to effectively melt ice.

By following these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of magnesium chloride ice melt solutions and achieve safer conditions on icy surfaces during winter months.

Conclusion: Discover the Power of Ninja De-Icer's Top Magnesium Chloride Products

Conclusion: Discover the Power of Ninja De-Icer's Top Magnesium Chloride Products

When it comes to selecting a magnesium chloride ice melt product, it’s important to consider factors like temperature effectiveness, corrosion potential, and environmental impact. As a leading supplier of top magnesium chloride de-icers, Ninja De-Icer offers some of the top magnesium chloride products on the market today.

Our ice melters are optimized for maximum melting power, surface safety, and ecological responsibility. For proven magnesium chloride formulations to meet your unique ice removal needs, explore Ninja De-Icer’s line of high-quality ice melt solutions. Get a quote today to learn more about our top magnesium chloride products for effective winter maintenance.