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Runway De-Icing Solutions for Sale

Runway De-Icing Solutions for Sale

Elevate runway safety and efficiency with Ninja De-Icer's specialized de-icing solutions. Our expertly formulated Sodium Formate and Potassium Acetate products ensure rapid ice melting with an eco-friendly approach, designed for the aviation industry's demanding standards.

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At Ninja De-Icer, we understand the critical importance of maintaining safe and operational runways during the harsh winter months. Our specialized runway de-icing solutions are designed to meet the demanding needs of aviation professionals, ensuring maximum safety with minimal environmental impact. Featuring two premier products, Sodium Formate Runway Deicer and Potassium Acetate Liquid Deicer, our lineup is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in ice control and prevention.

Chemical Composition: The Backbone of Superior De-Icing Performance

Sodium Formate Runway Deicer is a solid deicer formulated using sodium formate, a compound known for its effective de-icing properties and low environmental footprint. Ideal for keeping runways, taxiways, and aprons clear of ice, this product ensures rapid melting action, providing a safer surface for aircraft operations without harming the surrounding ecosystem.

In contrast, Potassium Acetate Liquid Deicer stands out for its use of potassium acetate, a potent chemical that offers fast-acting de-icing capabilities. This liquid solution penetrates ice quickly, breaking it down and preventing reformation, making it an essential tool for maintaining runway safety in freezing temperatures. Its biodegradable nature further underscores our commitment to sustainability, reducing the risk of environmental damage.

Tailored Solutions for Aviation Safety

Ninja De-Icer's range of runway de-icing products is rigorously tested to meet the stringent safety standards of the aviation industry. Our products are certified to meet SAE AMS 1435D specifications required by the Federal Aviation Administration. By choosing our sodium formate or potassium acetate-based solutions, airports can significantly reduce the risk of winter-related delays and accidents, ensuring smooth and safe operations even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Elevate Runway Safety with Ninja De-Icer

Embrace the winter season with confidence by opting for Ninja De-Icer's advanced runway de-icing solutions. Whether you prefer the solid application of sodium formate or the liquid efficiency of potassium acetate, our products are guaranteed to keep your runways safe and operational. Visit our product pages to learn more about how our de-icing solutions can benefit your airport operations.

We Serve Your Industry

We pride ourselves on providing much needed, unpaved road dust control and suppression products for a number of different industries, from mining and quarry haul to construction to industrial facilities.

Mining and Quarry Haul Roads

Mining and Quarry Haul Roads

With mining and quarry haul roads, dust is always a problem. Learn more about our mining and dust control solutions guaranteed to keep unpaved roads clear.



Construction is known to leave roads covered in dust, a health and environmental hazard. That’s why we offer unmatched construction dust control products.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Check out our line of industrial dust control products made to keep any and every facility clear and safe. We offer an unrivaled solution for factory dust control.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We used Ninja De-Icer for the past 2 years, we’re very happy with the service provided by them. Materials provided in a timely manner and at reasonable rates. Looking forward to doing business with them again.


Ninja De-Icer is great to work with. Keeps us updated on what's going on with the weather and salt. Good quality, value and on time.

RS PlowingCEO

FAQ About Runway De-Icers for Airports

What makes runway de-icers preferable for airport use?

Runway de-icers, like our Potassium Acetate liquid solution or our sodium formate solid product, offer rapid and effective melting capabilities essential for airports. These products meet the specifications of the Federal Aviation Administration. They act quickly to penetrate and dissolve snow and ice, ensuring runways and taxiways remain safe and operational, even in severe winter conditions.

How do runway de-icers compare to traditional methods in terms of cost-effectiveness?

While the initial cost of runway de-icers may be higher, their efficiency and effectiveness lead to reduced application frequencies and quicker cleanup times. This can result in overall cost savings for airports by minimizing delays and maintaining operational efficiency.

Can runway de-icers be used on all airport surfaces?

Runway de-icers are versatile and can be applied to various airport surfaces, including runways, taxiways, and aprons. However, it's essential to choose the right formula, like Potassium Acetate, which is safe for use on concrete and asphalt and compatible with airport infrastructure.