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Our snow experts have over 25 years of experience handling and removing snow. In addition to snow and ice management, we are proud to offer snow removal consulting to help private contractors, public works departments, and everyone in between with their approach to snow and ice removal.

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Snow and Ice Consultation Services

Our snow and ice consultation services are designed to give you the strategies and approach you need to handle any inclement weather that comes your way. Here are a few ways that our snow removal consultants can help.

1. Educational Trainings

One way that our snow removal consulting experts can help is through the discussion of deicing technologies and material consulting. You might not think about ice removal as often as you think about snow removal, but this is an important part of keeping your property safe.

We provide educational training and have authoritative knowledge in showing you the types of technologies and materials that are the most effective for your property.

  • Discuss snow and ice control material application, delving into specifics such as what products to use, when to use them, and how much should be used.
  • Discuss what deicing products are the most productive and cost-efficient.
  • Determine the calibration of your equipment for both solid and liquid materials.

2. Snow Removal Contract Review & Development

Our team is also happy to provide you with the best snow management practices, including established snow and ice management contracts to give you peace of mind that you are selecting the right contractor for the job. These contracts are helpful for both small and large businesses and can help outline specific responsibilities. Contracts are also helpful in ensuring that no service is overlooked and that they’re carried out in a timely, efficient manner.

Some specific ways that we can help include:

  • Review and discuss any existing contracts and give you suggestions on how to improve them.
  • Assist you with developing new contracts.
  • Pinpoint areas within the contract that can help you save money.

3. Snow Invoice Review and Audit

Don’t forget to keep close tabs on billing and invoicing! Keeping track of snow plow invoices across the different commercial properties that you manage is another important consideration, and our team is happy to assist you with this portion of your business. This facet of our offering is designed to help businesses review the invoices that they’ve received from their snow contractor to ensure accuracy.

Who Will Benefit from Our Snow and Ice Consultation Services?

Snow Removal Companies

Snow Removal Companies

Even if you have a team that’s composed of highly competent leaders, it takes careful thought, training, and consideration to effectively manage a snow event. For example, you have to consider when to dispatch the deicing services, when to begin plowing, and how to keep tabs on future weather to effectively manage the removal.

At Ninja De-Icer, our team is happy to help your snow removal contractor and ensure they have an extensive understanding of maintaining a safe, functional property. Topics include:

  • The efficacy of salt as a deicer
  • Equipment problems and upgrades
  • How to choose the right material based on the conditions
  • Calibration details
  • Environmental impacts of the materials that you’re using

And so much more.



Across all municipalities, safety is of the utmost importance in keeping roads, streets, and sidewalks safe during intense winter weather. Our team at Ninja De-Icer is happy to help municipalities of all sizes with snow and ice management, covering topics such as reviewing snow removal contracts and going over invoices from relevant vendors. It’s important to go over these documents to make sure they are accurate and timely. We provide hands-on education to equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Large Corporations

Large Corporations

For large businesses and corporations, it’s essential to have a clear path toward safe operations. Our team has experience helping large corporations and private snow contractors with their snow removal needs. We have helped assist with the scope of work, contracts, request for proposals, site-specific plans and so much more.

Some of our services include:

  • Evaluating your current snow or ice removal bid process, removal scope, and contracts
  • Providing education around emerging industry best practices such as liquid de-icers, environmentally friendly de-icers, and more.
  • Explanations of different contract options such as per house, seasonal, per service, retainer, mixed-type, and more.
  • Tips on selecting contractors that are the best suited for you.
  • Suggestions on what ancillary services you can expect such as liability protection or weather reporting.

Why Choose Ninja Deicer as Your Snow Consulting Partner?

Not only is our team passionate about what we do, but we have a leg up on our competitors when it comes to acting as a snow consulting partner.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Extensive Industry Expertise

Our team has 25+ years of experience in this industry. There isn’t a snow or ice storm with which we haven’t been able to assist! Our hands-on experience makes us veterans in this space, and we’re happy to pass the knowledge on to you.

Trained Experts

Trained Experts

Training is at the core of our offerings as we are always educating ourselves on how to be even better snow consulting partners to our clients. We know the importance of a safe, functional property and our team is highly trained in this area.

5,000+ Happy Customers

5,000+ Happy Customers

The customer feedback speaks for itself! With over 5,000 happy customers and counting, we prioritize customer satisfaction and always go above and beyond to treat our customers with respect and attentive care.

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