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How Much Salt Do You Need | Salt Coverage Calculator

How Much Salt Do You Need | Salt Coverage Calculator

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Accurately estimating how much salt to use will better help a snow removal business get the best estimates for cost control. Estimate too much and you might lose the job, too little and you eat the costs. Getting the right amount for each job is important for keeping your business running smoothly. Many factors go into this calculation including: how much snow, surface material, and rate of application.

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Snow is the most important factor to look into when figuring out how much salt you need to buy. Exactly how much rock salt usage will be necessary depends on your business location and services. To save money, your business should purchase rock salt, or calcium chloride, in bulk orders at the beginning of the season. Calculate previous season’s snowfalls, and base your purchase off of that. Although it may not always be accurate since each season is different, it is your best bet when guessing how much rock salt to buy.

Surface Material

The surface area of the location that you are looking to deice is also important to factor into your rock salt purchase. Whether it is cement, asphalt, dirt, or gravel, you must look into what surfaces are safe to use rock salt on. Cement and asphalt are the best surfaces for rock salt, so those would be the ones where you would want to purchase in bulk. You want to make the surface as safe as possible for pedestrians, by choosing the right deicer for it.

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Rate of Application

If you have a large area of snow to clear, like a parking lot, driveway, or any other kind of property that needs to be cleared, you will need to figure out how frequently you will be applying salt, and how much exactly. There are many ways to calculate this so that you can make the most of your purchase. You do not want to apply too much and waste it, but you also do not want to apply too little and risk an injury.

Salt Coverage Calculator

Salt coverage calculator

A general way to calculate how much rock salt you should buy is about 750 lbs per acre of surface area. There is also a salt coverage calculator, which allows you to most accurately predict how much salt you will need to buy. The first step is finding out the surface temperature of the area you are salting, and then finding the snow salt coverage rate for the current temperature trend. You will then be able to find your customized conveyor and ground speed based on the calibration table. Various salt coverage calculators are available for purchase online, which may help your business to figure out exactly the bulk rock salt purchase you will need to make. With this accuracy, you will be able to save your business money and reduce your environmental impact.