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Liquid De-Icer for Sale

Liquid De-Icer for Sale

Ninja De-Icer’s liquid de-icer bulk products can break through and prevent ice buildup on roads, walkways, and more. Our liquid de-icers are safe, long-lasting ice melts for when rock salt... Read More isn’t enough to make it through the freezing weather.

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About Our Best Liquid De-Icer Products

Depending on weather conditions, liquid de-icer can be more effective than the traditional de-icing method of rock salt. Ninja De-Icer provides clients with wholesale liquid de-icing products ranging from Headwaters HOT & AMP Additives to straight salt brine.

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Advantages of Commercial Liquid De-Icer

There are many benefits to using liquid de-icers in a commercial setting. Here are only some of them:

  • The results are immediate as ice in liquid form begins to work as soon as it’s applied
  • There is proactivity in using liquid de-icers as they’re typically applied a few hours before snow begins to fall. This helps prevent the snow and ice from sticking to the ground in the first place;
  • The residue remains effective for a longer period of time compared to salt
  • Less environmental impact
  • Snow removal is significantly easier after liquid de-icer has been applied

Why choose Liquid Ice Melt from Ninja Deicer?

At Ninja De-Icer, we know how important it is that your business doesn’t have downtime during the winter months. All of our turnaround times on orders are incredibly fast and efficient. Even during the snowiest winters, we have a guaranteed supply of products to help your business. Plus, as our prices are locked, you never have to endure surprises when it comes to purchasing.

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We Deliver

We deliver on our promise, and we literally deliver our product right to you! Quick delivery to any state and city in the Midwest region, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, Aurora, Milwaukee, we’ll have your product on your doorstep.

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Fully Stocked

We’re proud to say we haven’t run out of supply in over 10 years. Even through times of salt shortages, we have always kept our clients stocked on what they need to run their business.

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Excellent Service

We have the best-trained professionals in the industry and have a commitment to provide you the highest quality products. With over 10 years of happy, thriving clients to hear from, we encourage you to read our reviews and hear for yourself how reliable, flexible and fair we are.

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Ninja De-Icer Ninja De-Icer 920-345-5290 2001 Bellevue St Suite D, Green Bay, WI 54311 $$

We have used Ninja De-Icer for the past few years and they are always very prompt with responses and services/deliveries.

Turf BOwner
Ninja De-Icer Ninja De-Icer 920-345-5290 2001 Bellevue St Suite D, Green Bay, WI 54311 $$

Gets salt to me so my customers are satisfied.

Andy WOwner
Ninja De-Icer Ninja De-Icer 920-345-5290 2001 Bellevue St Suite D, Green Bay, WI 54311 $$

Had a great experience with Ninja De-icer this season. Good communication, and value. Will order from them again.

Josh VOwner
Ninja De-Icer Ninja De-Icer 920-345-5290 2001 Bellevue St Suite D, Green Bay, WI 54311 $$

We used Ninja De-Icer for the past 2 years, were very happy with the service provided by them. Materials are provided in a timely manner and at reasonable rates. Looking forward to doing business with them again.

Deb WOwner

FAQ about Liquid Deicers for Roads

What is the minimum amount of liquid de-icer I can order?

We know that not all businesses need large amounts of liquid de-icer. We do, however, require an order minimum of 250 gallons (a standard tote size). If you have additional questions, we’re here to help.

Do you deliver liquid de-icer to my location?

We provide pick-up at locations like Green Bay, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and all throughout the Midwest and deliver bulk liquid de-icer to most states to help you fight below-freezing conditions throughout the winter. We proudly service many locations to assist with their snow and ice removal, and we’ve outlined a list of areas that we serve.
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