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Headwaters® HOT CON

Headwaters® HOT CON is a revolutionary solid brine performance enhancer that delivers the power of Headwaters® HOT Brine with unmatched cost-effectiveness. This easy-to-mix dry concentrate eliminates expensive liquid freight costs and storage hassles, allowing you to create high-performing Headwaters® HOT Brine on demand. Enjoy superior ice melting performance, reduced corrosion, and simplified de-icing with Headwaters® HOT CON.

Product Type:
Solid Brine Performance Enhancer
Chemical Composition:
Proprietary blend of calcium chloride and corrosion inhibitors
Can be ordered by the Supersack (2,000 lbs) or by the pallet of 55 lb bags
Additional Information

Headwaters® HOT CON redefines brine additive convenience without compromising performance. Simply mix this readily dissolvable powder concentrate with regular salt brine to create HOT Brine. This innovative solution eliminates the need for bulky liquid additive deliveries and storage, streamlining your de-icing operation and maximizing cost savings. Headwaters® HOT CON is strategically warehoused across the US, ensuring timely delivery in convenient supersacks or 55lb bags. Whether you need to pretreat roads, pre-wet salt, or enhance your salt brine, Headwaters® HOT CON delivers exceptional performance and value.

Key Benefits
  • Transforms salt brine into HOT Brine: Achieve the same high-performance results of Headwaters® HOT Brine with a cost-effective dry concentrate.

  • Eliminates liquid freight costs: Reduce transportation expenses and logistical hassles by shipping dry concentrate instead of pre-mixed liquid.

  • Reduce storage requirements: Free up valuable storage space by eliminating the need for bulky liquid additive tanks.

  • On-demand HOT Brine production: Mix what you need, when you need it, simplifying inventory management and ensuring you always have the product on hand when a storm hits.

  • Convenient packaging: Available in supersacks (2,000 lbs) and 55lb bags for easy handling and storage.
Shipping and Delivery

This solid brine performance enhancer can be ordered by the pallet of bags or by the supersack. We have a wide range of products and additives to customize your liquid de-icer needs. We deliver liquid de-icer to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas. Prices and delivery times vary depending on location.

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