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Headwaters® HOT Brine Liquid De-Icer

This innovative liquid de-icer is composed of salt brine enhanced with Headwaters® HOT liquid additive.  Headwaters® HOT Brine is a powerful, eco-friendly ice melter that maintains the cost-effectiveness of regular salt brine. It can melt up to 57% more ice at 0°F than straight brine alone. 

Chemical Composition:
Sodium chloride, Calcium chloride
Can be ordered by the tote or truckload
Starting at (per gallon):
*Prices are subject to change
Additional Information

You'll be able to use up to 30% less product compared to traditional salt brine to achieve same melting results.

Headwaters® HOT Brine leaves a longer-lasting residual that sticks to roads, reducing the need for reapplication and decreasing runoff compared to straight brine. This formula is non-corrosive, reducing damage to vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure by over 70%.

This ready-to-use liquid de-icer is clean, odorless, and colorless. It won't clog nozzles like other product alternatives. Headwaters® HOT Brine is a natural, consistent formula that takes salt brine to the next level for superior ice melting action. 

Shipping and Delivery

Liquid de-icer can be ordered by 275 gallon totes or the truckload. We have a wide range of products and additives to customize your liquid de-icer needs. We deliver liquid de-icer to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas. Prices and delivery times vary depending on location.

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