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Headwaters® HOT Additive for Liquid De-Icer (Brine Enhancer)

Headwaters® HOT liquid additive combines the corrosion protection of our proprietary, clean, bio-based and biodegradable inhibitor with the melting power of highly concentrated calcium chloride. Headwaters® HOT liquid additive transforms straight salt brine into “HOT BRINE”, a high-power, clean, environmentally friendly de-icer that is cost effective. This product is Clear Roads Approved.

Chemical Composition:
Calcium Chloride
Liquid de-icer can be ordered by the tote or the truckload
Starting at (per gallon):
*Prices are subject to change
Additional Information

Environmentally Friendly

  • Bio-based and devoid of harmful contaminates
  • Biodegradable: extremely low Bio Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Reduces overall chlorides released to the environment

Clean and Free-Flowing

  • Colorless, Odorless, clean, natural and consistent
  • It won’t clog nozzles or cause messy tracking issues
  • Use up to 30% less brine
  • Increased melting capacity means less brine required

Melt up to 57% more ice at 0°F

  • Extend the working temperature range of brine 
  • Reduce corrosion by 70%
  • Protect your vehicles, equipment and infrastructure, without sacrificing melting performance
  • Decrease run-off and leave a longer lasting residual product that sticks to the road, increases friction, and reduces the need for re-application
Shipping and Delivery

Liquid de-icer is available for purchase in 275-gallon totes or by the truckload. Explore our diverse range of products and additives designed to meet your specific liquid de-icing requirements. We deliver to Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Illinois, Idaho, North Dakota, and Michigan, with pricing and delivery schedules varying based on the location.

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