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Industrial Uses of Salt

Industrial Uses of Salt

Justin Rollin

We’re all used to using sodium chloride (table salt) on a daily basis to season our food, but salt applications extend beyond your kitchen table. Although you might not be aware of its use cases, as a rock salt supplier, we know there are a number of uses for different kinds of salt in many industrial applications. In fact, industrial salt is one of the most impactful and commonly used components in a range of industrial industries. There is such a diverse way to use these salts, making industrial salt supplies in high demand around the world. From the chemical industry to the oil industry, there are many uses of salt.

1. Use of Industrial Salt for De-Icing

One of the most prevalent salt use cases is de-icing. When using de-icing rock salt, the application can help maintain roads, sidewalks, and other surfaces that can be potentially dangerous when a layer of ice is developed. This de-icing road salt is spread across the roads to create a layer of brine before the surface is able to freeze, helping to prevent or delay ice formation.

In the case that the roadways or sidewalks are already covered with a layer of snow, the salt can be used to lower the water’s freezing point, helping to melt the snow and delay the ice formation. Industrial salt is an invaluable tool to keep roads safe and prevent accidents.

2. Salt Applications in the Oil Industry

The use of salt is also common in the oil industry. In many cases, it is used in an oil drilling rig to make it safer and more efficient. It can also be used as an additive in mud when used as a drilling fluid. 

Here is an explanation of how industrial salt is used in the oil industry:

  • It increases the density of the soil and makes the drilling process safer;
  • When used in mud as a drilling fluid, it acts as a lubricant and coolant for the drilling head;
  • Salt applications can be used as diverting agents, flocculants, stabilizers, acidizing specialty additives, and thinners/dispersants.

3. Industrial Salt in the Energy Industry 

uses of salt

Another example of what is salt used for applies to the energy industry. When producing energy such as solar power, the process itself requires industrial salt. This helps to maintain a certain level of salinity that’s required for specific reactions to take place. 

4. Uses of Salt in the Chemical Industry

Industrial salt is also widely used in the chemical industry to produce different chemicals. It can be used as a raw material when manufacturing chemicals such as chlorine, soda ash, and caustic soda. In addition, industrial salt can be used to manufacture products such as sodium nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, liquid sodium, metallic sodium, sodium sulfate, and more. 

5. Industrial Salt for Electrolysis 

As we mentioned that industrial salt can be used to create chlorine, know that it is a primary component of disinfection and hygiene products. Chlorine production stems from the electrolysis of a saturated salt solution, making sodium chloride the raw material when producing chlorine. For example, Turkey’s largest salt producer Koyuncu Salt offers industrial salt for many industrial uses such as in the chlor alkali industry. 

6. Salt Uses in the Metal Industry

what is salt used for

The use of salt in the metal industry is also common. In many cases, industrial salt is used while processing metals and secondary aluminum making to remove the impurities. 

7. Salt for the Textile Industry

In the textile industry, it’s common for industrial salt to be used for textiles to fix batches of dye. This allows the textile industry to achieve standardized dye. 

8. Salt in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Another use of salt is in the pharmaceutical industry. Salt is an ingredient that is commonly used to prepare saline solutions as well as in the production of capsules. Industrial salt is used to make intravenous formulas, contact solutions, and many more products in the pharma industry. 

9. Salt in the Soap Industry

Sodium chloride in soap is also common as industrial salt is commonly used as an additive filler in solvents and detergents. Salt is often added as a filler to easily separate the chemicals. 

10. Salt for Water Treatment

Water treatment refers to removing contaminants and undesirable components. It also reduces the water’s concentration for industrial water supply and plays an important role in providing humans with clean water for drinking and bathing. Water softening salt can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes including regeneration salt and dishwasher salt. 

11. Salt for the Food Industry

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Salt in the food industry helps to cure and preserve meat and fish for thousands of years. It is a simple yet impactful way to preserve food for humans around the world. As soon as salt is applied to meat or fish, it draws out the moisture to prevent bacteria growth, preserving it for weeks at a time. 

12. Salt in Agriculture

Another industrial use for salt is in agriculture. For example, silage is a forage preservation technique that requires spontaneous lactic acid fermentation under anaerobic conditions. In many countries, silages are used as animal feed, and salt preserves forage and are used to increase the rate of acidification and extend the shelf life. It limits bacterial growth and preserves its nutritional properties. 

13. Salt as a Dust Control Solution

Did you know that salt can also be used to control dust on unpaved roads? Most commonly used is Calcium Chloride; it works to absorb the moisture in the air and minimizes the production and spread of dust. Calcium chloride has a higher concentration and it remains in liquid form even on particularly hot and dry days. Magnesium chloride can also be used to control dust by removing moisture from the air to reduce the movement of dust particles. It acts as a road stabilizer and allows the dust to stick to the road.

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As you can see, there are many industrial uses for sodium chloride that extend beyond what you can imagine. If you’re curious to learn more about different salt uses or you want additional information about any of our salt products for deicing or dust control, please contact us at Ninja De-Icer today!