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Lightning Premium Ice Melter 50 Lbs Bag

Lightning Premium Ice Melter 50 Lbs Bag

A powerful blend of sodium chloride, pre-treated with magnesium chloride, and coated with a corrosion inhibitor that is designed to melt ice quickly and efficiently.
Chemical Composition:
Sodium chloride, Magnesium chloride
49 bags per pallet, 18 pallets per truckload
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Additional Information
Lighting Premium Ice Melter is aqua colored for better visibility, people are known to use 50% less because it is so powerful. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use around pets and plants. It liquifies the second the crystals hit the ground. It can also be used in the lowest temperatures.
Shipping and Delivery
We have several options of bagged salt products to choose from.  We have your traditional rock salt (sodium chloride) as well as other options like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride.  Each of the bagged salt products we offer have different melting points ranging from 5 degrees to -25 degrees.  We deliver bagged salt to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas.  Prices and delivery times vary depending on location.