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Melt Down Apex-C

Melt Down Apex-C

Meltdown Apex-C’s newest calcium chloride formula freezes at 0°F, eight times lower than traditional calcium chloride, while its added corrosion protection is 70% more effective than standard calcium products.

Chemical Composition:
Calcium chloride
Liquid de-icer can be ordered by the tote or the truckload
Additional Information
This enhanced anti-icing and de-icing product allows for longer times between snow plow route cycles with unmatched melting performance. As a pre-wetting agent, Meltdown Apex-C increases the speed at which salt begins working. This effective product does not stain and is environmentally sensitive.
Shipping and Delivery

Liquid de-icer can be ordered by the tote or the truckload. We have a wide range of products and additives to customize your liquid de-icer needs.  We deliver liquid de-icer to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas.  Prices and delivery times vary depending on location.