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Better Brine Pro with 15% AMP
Better Brine with 15% AMP

Better Brine with 15% AMP

Better Brine with 15% AMP accelerates ice melt, maintains friction, and protects roads by being less corrosive.  With Better Brine, roads can be treated both before and during a storm to more effectively reduce snow and ice buildup, preserving road safety. Better Brine treated roads become free of ice and snow more quickly than roads treated with salt brine alone.

Chemical Composition:
15% AMP
Liquid de-icer can be ordered by the tote or the truckload
Additional Information

Better Brine with 15% AMP uses a unique proprietary formula that allows it to bond to surfaces. When other products might dry up and blow away, Better Brine sticks and works.

Anti-icing features:

  • Product sticks to road 
  • 75% more effective than salt brine alone 
  • No Odor or Tank Cleanup

Deicing features:

  • Effective at colder temperatures
  • Reduce application rates or frequency
  • Protects your tanks from corrosion and colder temps

Using as treating salt at the spinner:

  • Reduce costs by 10% to 30% compared to CaCl² 
  • Reduce corrosion costs for your equipment 
  • Reduce bounce and scatter and improve service levels

Shipping and Delivery

Liquid de-icer is offered in 275-gallon totes or even larger quantities by the truckload. Explore our extensive range of products and additives to tailor your liquid de-icing needs. We provide delivery services to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Idaho, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas, with varying pricing and delivery schedules based on location.

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