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Benefits of Using Treated Rock Salt for Ice Melting

Benefits of Using Treated Rock Salt for Ice Melting

Justin Rollin

You’ve likely come across rock salt, or sodium chloride, for managing ice and snow. But have you considered treated or enhanced rock salt? Its unique formulation brings a host of advantages for combating icy conditions. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore what treated rock salt is and why it should be a fundamental part of your winter strategy. Discover how treated rock salt can enhance your ability to manage snow and ice effectively, ensuring safer environments for both pedestrians and drivers. 

What Is Treated Rock Salt?

To put it simply, treated rock salt (aka enhanced rock salt) is the same old rock salt you know and love but with a few additives to enhance its performance. Typically, treated road salt is conventional sodium chloride rock salt with an organic-based performance enhancer (OBPE), magnesium chloride (or another complementary chemical), and a dye additive.

This combination of materials changes your road salt into something faster, stronger, more visible, and less corrosive than pure rock salt. So when you're deciding between treated salt vs untreated salt, consider the enhanced performance and benefits that treated salt brings.

Varieties of Treated Rock Salt

Many products on the market can be considered “treated rock salt”. However, all of these products have different proportions of three main properties, which will dictate how they act once you've applied them to a parking lot or sidewalk:

  • Inhibitors: reduces the corrosive action typical of rock salt;
  • Biodegradable colorant: adding a dye to treated rock salt increases its visibility as well as the product's application accuracy.
What Is the Difference Between Untreated and Treated Rock Salt
Aspect Treated Rock Salt Untreated Rock Salt
Composition Contains additives like magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. Pure sodium chloride (NaCl).
Melting Efficiency Higher melting efficiency, works at lower temperatures. Lower melting efficiency, less effective in extreme cold.
Color Often color dyed for visibility. Typically white or off-white in color.
Corrosiveness Generally less corrosive due to inhibitors added. More corrosive to metals and concrete.
Safety for Pets Often marketed as safer for pets but depends on specific additives used. Can be harmful to pets if ingested in large quantities.


Unleashing the Power of Treated Rock Salt

Unleashing the Power of Treated Rock Salt

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The Perks of Using Treated Rock Salt Over Traditional Rock Salt

We've already hinted at the benefits of treated rock salt over traditional rock salt but let's spell them out. If rock salt is a workhorse, then treated rock salt is the cavalry.


Treated rock salt increases the melting point of snow and ice, thus allowing you to use the product in below-freezing temperatures that would otherwise be too cold for untreated rock salt. The addition of magnesium chloride or calcium chloride allows this performance boost to happen.



When you use less you end up saving more. The more you can do to increase your efficiency and accuracy the more money you will inevitably save down the road. Some studies show 24% less product is used versus traditional rock salt. Cost-savings at a commercial level are exponential.

Less Environmental Impact

OBPEs (inhibitors) act to reduce the inherent corrosiveness of rock salt. Studies show that treated salt is up to 70% less corrosive than untreated rock salt. Beyond that, when you use less of anything, you are reducing your footprint on the environment. When you're introducing chemicals into the ground, less is better.

Long Lasting Effect

Unlike untreated bulk salt, treated rock salt exhibits significantly less bounce, which translates to minimal scattering during application and greater surface adherence. This controlled dispersion ensures that the product remains where it's needed, providing an extended duration of ice-melting action. Businesses and winter maintenance professionals can rely on treated rock salt to offer sustained protection against icy conditions.

Discover High-Performance Treated Rock Salt Products for Superior Ice Control

Explore top treated rock salt products that offer enhanced ice-melting capabilities for efficient winter maintenance:

ClearLane® Treated Salt

ClearLane® Treated Salt

ClearLane® Treated Salt is an exceptional enhanced bulk salt product, featuring pre-wet sodium chloride blended with a magnesium chloride formula. It boasts a PNS-approved corrosion inhibitor, a coloring agent, and a leaching inhibitor. ClearLane® effectively safeguards exposed steel surfaces against damp salt corrosion and maintains its free-flowing nature in frigid temperatures. This innovative de-icer adheres more securely to road surfaces, reducing scatter and bounce, and resulting in efficient de-icing. Additionally, it reduces equipment corrosion, extends equipment life, and offers a 30% reduction in usage compared to regular rock salt, remaining effective even in sub-zero temperatures.

Mineral Well Brine Treated Salt

Mineral Well Brine Treated Salt is a unique blend of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride that is specially formulated for ice and snow management. Often dyed blue for easy application, this treated rock salt product not only improves traditional salt efficiency but is also effective at temperatures as low as -20°F. 

Lightning Premium Treated Salt

Lightning Premium Treated Salt stands out as a top-tier rock salt product, boasting an aqua-colored appearance for enhanced visual spreading. This remarkable blend, composed of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, not only reduces application rates by up to 50% but also offers quick and long-lasting ice-melting performance, with crystals activating upon contact with the ground. These crystals are specially coated with magnesium chloride, organic carbohydrates, and a corrosion inhibitor, acting as a lubricant to ensure smooth flow through spreaders. Lightning Premium Ice Melter is also safe for pets, plants, and equipment, making it a responsible choice for effective and eco-friendly ice control.

Thunder Melt Treated Salt

Thunder Melt Treated Salt

Thunder Melt Treated Salt offers a distinctive formula that combines ASTM-1 grade rock salt with liquid calcium chloride and a proprietary organic carbohydrate liquid, all coated with a corrosion inhibitor. This unique composition minimizes bounce and corrosiveness, making it an environmentally friendly and highly effective de-icing agent. With an impressive effectiveness down to -16°F and a distinctive violet color, Thunder Melt works swiftly and delivers long-lasting performance, making it a top choice for combating icy conditions.

Elevate Ice Management with Treated Rock Salt from Ninja De-Icer

Treated rock salt should be part of your arsenal during the winter period. It’s a strategic way to increase the effectiveness of your business in ways your clients will notice. Most of all, it’s a long-term means of saving money and the environment. 

Choose Ninja De-Icer's treated rock salt for a safer, more effective alternative to traditional options. Feel free to request a quote today to harness the advantages of these innovative ice management solutions.