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Where to Buy Rock Salt Near Me

Where to Buy Rock Salt Near Me

Justin Rollin

In a pinch, salt is salt, right? While that may be true in a serious salt emergency, you are opening yourself up to a world of disappointment if you don’t take the time to find a credible and consistent source for your rock salt and ice melt supply.

Finding a long-term rock salt vendor is the difference between winter-long peace of mind and the constant anxiety of never knowing where you’ll get your rock salt or how much you’ll be able to find. As a business owner or snow removal contractor, having a rock-solid salt vendor is a necessity when dealing with difficult winters such as in Chicago or Minneapolis. With that said, how exactly do you find a rock salt vendor that’ll last you through the winter, and the next, and the next?

The Importance of Rock Salt Delivery

Avoid the Big Box Retailers

If you need to buy rock salt, rather than visiting various big box stores, you can instead look into a third-party service that delivers rock salt to both business owners and snow removal contractors. As you've likely experienced, ice often hides underneath a layer of snow which makes it difficult for pedestrians to spot it. This means you'll need to purchase rock salt that can limit your slip and fall potential. You'll want to pay close attention to putting ice-melting products on high traffic areas such as driveways, parking lots, steps, and sidewalks. Buying rock salt and evenly distributing it around your property is an easy way to reduce the chances of your property turning into a slip and fall hazard.

Having a consistent delivery of ice-melting products that come directly to your business's doorstep can make the process automatic and thoughtless. This eliminates the risk that you don't have the right supplies on hand when a snowstorm appears with little warning. In addition to keeping your customers safe, automatic delivery also helps keep your employees safe.

Why Your Rock Salt Supplier Matters

If you google “rock salt near me” or “where to buy road salt” when the weather turns extremely bad, the first two results you see will always be the same; Home Depot and Lowes. You might be tempted to buy bags of rock salt at these big-box retailers, but is procuring rock salt for your snow removal business truly that simple?

Big Box Retailers Sell Salt at a High Price

As soon as the first flurries fall you might be tempted by the pallets of rock salt and ice melt that suddenly appear in front of your favorite chain stores. Major retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes will have their snow-melting supplies on full display, so why not just go with them?

If you purchase your rock salt or ice-melting materials from a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes you can expect to pay a premium. These stores know that the rock salt in their stores will be in high demand and the price tag shows it. The truth is, retail stores aren’t interested in supplying deicing products to businesses that need it consistently. Instead, these stores focus on the impulsive crowd — the same kind of people that will be looking for an umbrella after it’s already started raining. They fix their prices to reflect that spur-of-the-moment buying. Furthermore, a credible rock salt vendor will offer to lock your salt price in for the season so there aren't surprises.

Why Choose Ninja De-Icer as Your Rock Salt Supplier?

where can i buy rock salt

We Lock Our Prices in

At the start of the season, the price you get is the price you’ll continue to receive throughout the entire season. We won’t surprise you with changing costs like a big box retailer, whose prices fluctuate constantly. Moreover, we price our products competitively.

Our Knowledge & Service Is Unmatched

We pride ourselves on knowing everything about the products we sell. From rock salt, liquid de-icer, bagged salt, and treated bulk salt we’ll discuss your options and even make recommendations based on your needs. Just listen to one of our customers, Bill B.

“I was hesitant to switch from the company I used before. Now I am extremely happy that I did. They are very easy to deal with, they do what they say they are going to do, the communication is excellent, their prices are good and when I was in a pinch they bent over backward to help me.”

With Us, You Get Plenty of Options

We sell bulk rock salt, liquid de-icer, bagged salt, and treated bulk salt. But we also carry multiple varieties of each one. Different products handle different conditions better — they’re not all created equal. There are pros and cons to every product we sell and we’ll discuss your options and find something that works best for you.

Our Supply Is Secure & We're Fully Stocked

In the 13 years, we’ve been in business, we’ve yet to run out of supply for the season. If you buy from us, we’ll ensure you have what you need so you can do the best job for your clients. When you and your client are happy, we’re happy.

We Deliver

Our products will be delivered to you within 3-5 business days of placing your order. We’ll take the guesswork out of your supply chain. You can learn more about our delivery options!

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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Find a Reputable Rock Salt Vendor in Your Area

It’s simple — our focus is on de-icing products like rock salt and ice melt. We’d be embarrassed if there was ever a time when we couldn’t find some for you. If you’ve bought from us even once before, then we probably even know you. We have over 25 years of experience in the snow and ice industry. As a de-icing vendor, we’ve found success by building long lasting relationships; selling salt is the happy consequence of those efforts.

Big box retailers are great for a lot of things. They’re a convenient way to get what you need quickly. However, if you run a snow removal business or own property that is contingent upon snow removal in the winter months, then you shouldn’t be relying on the seasonal display at Home Depot for your livelihood. Come talk to us — we’ll help you estimate your needs before the winter season even starts. If you find that you need more salt or ice melt in the dead of winter, a few days before a blizzard, then we’ll do that for you, too. For more information on rock salt for sale or if you'd like to get a quote, please get in touch with our team at Ninja De-Icer today!