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Not Just a Number: What Goes into 93% Customer Satisfaction?

Not Just a Number: What Goes into 93% Customer Satisfaction?

Justin Rollin

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a paint-by-numbers operation. It’s the cumulative effort of your whole team as well as the culture of your business. It takes a lot to build a business with a great reputation and the effort is continuous.

Our customer satisfaction rating of 93% isn’t just a number. It’s an indicator of our success as the region’s most reliable and friendly bulk rock salt vendor. We’re proud of that number and we’d like to show you just a small part of what it takes to reach that level of customer happiness straight from the mouths of our customers.

Communication & Customer Service

After surveying our customers, we couldn’t help but notice that many spoke highly of our relationship building. We’re happy about that; we see it as one of the most important components to running a trusted business. Here’s what one of our customers had to say.

“Adam and his team are great to work with. I enjoy someone who is local and isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and actually talk with you.”

It may seem small, but we pride ourselves on picking up the phone. We’ve been in the customers’ shoes before and know how frustrating it is when you can’t get someone on the line to get something you need or have your questions answered.

Quick, simple, and impactful; these are the types of responses that embody our business. Here are just a few:

“Easy to talk to.”

“Easy to order and responsive.”

“Excellent customer service.”

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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If you’ve ever needed rock salt in a pinch or just wanted to get prepared for the coming winter season, then you know how important it is to choose a vendor that gets their product to you as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the closer you get to that first snow. Our response time to our customers is a never-ending point of refinement. We want to get faster and faster every year so we can help more and more people.

We’re thinking about changing our company motto to “Days, Not Weeks”. Here’s why:

“You get a delivery shortly after you call. You never have to wait for many days or weeks as you do with other salt vendors in the area.”

“Ninja De-Icer helps us with getting trucks lined up and having salt delivered in days not weeks.”

That’s what we’re all about as a salt vendor; getting you your supply as fast as possible so you can do your job.


Customer relationships and turnaround time are both great. Yet, we’d be nowhere without credibility. Salt vending is all about peace-of-mind. We provide it so you can provide it; it’s that simple. We’ve spent more than a decade building our reputation so we can be your first and last choice when it comes to salt and de-icing products. We’re glad you noticed.

“Got us salt when all of the other vendors were completely out.”

“Communications and dispatch are top-notch. Problems are solved quickly.”

“Got a hold of product quickly.”

“We’ve never had an issue all year.”

When it comes time to buy your bulk rock salt, it’s not always about who’s cheapest (although, we often are) but who you can trust.

Let’s Go Higher Together

You couldn’t ask for much more than 93%. This isn’t a piece of homework or a school test that you can memorize and ace.

However, we’re always trying to go higher. We have the incredible staff, we have the locations and the tools, and we have the product. As we learn and grow, we hope to hear more and more from our customers; their feedback is the single most important thing to our success. Get a quote!