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How to Name Your Snow Removal Business

How to Name Your Snow Removal Business

Justin Rollin

A person’s first impression is often what leaves the most lasting impression. Yet, as a snow removal, business, how do you control how a potential customer thinks of you before you’ve ever met them? Sure, a digital brand is an important asset, so too can a direct mail campaign as well as physical signage (think billboards, bench ads, bus wraps, etc.) but how do you pique a person’s interest while also giving them a quick impression of your personality and your business’s ethos? By choosing a name that fits the operation you run.

Even William Shakespeare was trying to tell us not to judge a book by its cover, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name, would smell as sweet.” To put it simply, he’s telling us that it doesn’t matter what you call yourself—it’s all about your merit (or Juliette’s beauty, in his case). But that doesn’t mean that we do not judge things before we see them for ourselves. As people, we’re terrible at reserving our judgment! Because of that, your name is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make as a snow removal business owner! 

Why is the Right Name Important?

There is well-founded psychology behind business names. And while the rules can be bent strategically to stand out from the crowd, they’re at the very least meant to be understood. Giving your business a name without first thinking of the implications of that name can be a nail in your coffin and, as we all know, running a business is challenging as-is. We don’t need to create our own obstacles when there are so many already out there!

The “psychology of naming” can be broken down into 5 primary categories, which we refer to as abilities. Those categories are as follows:

  1. Marketability
  2. Understandability
  3. Memorability
  4. Findability
  5. Availability

These name “abilities” should all be considered when you’re brainstorming a name for your business. If you can find some intention within all 5 categories, then it stands to reason that you’ve created a thoughtful name for yourself. It’s that simple.

What Makes a Good Business Name?

Let’s explore the 5 different abilities and break down what they are and why they should be considered when you’re thinking up a name. This should shed some light on not just the naming of your business, but this kind of thorough conceptualizing can also be extended into almost every other business decision you make as an owner. The adage “measure twice, cut once” doesn’t only refer to carpentry. With intention and consideration comes a high chance of success. 


Like it or not, your business has a “brand” and that brand needs to be marketed for you to gain and sustain a client base. However, you can market yourself until you’re blue in the face. If your business name stinks, you’ll inevitably lose out on potential clients no matter how great your service and your message is.

Your business name needs to be marketable. That means it should embody your service, distinguish itself from other similar services, while also “fitting in” to the region you’re attempting to market to. To put it simply, your name should be unique enough that it gets noticed but not too much so that it is considered inappropriate to your potential pool of clients.

Beyond that, ensure your name tells an uninformed potential client what it is that you can do for them. You’re a service provider—the more you can communicate your service to a person before they even speak to you, the less work you’ll need to do to sell them on that service when you meet face-to-face.

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This lends itself to marketability. The two are close to each other in terms of what they provide the uninformed public. To keep it simple—ensure your name isn’t confusing, inappropriate, or otherwise misrepresenting your business.

To get an (albeit extreme) example of a business misrepresenting its product, take a look at this classic Saturday Night Live sketch starring Will Ferrell:

While it’s a parody, it still illustrates how confusing a name can be if you haven’t put any thought into its implications!


A memorable name isn’t just one that’s funny, strange, or extremely witty. It strikes a fine balance between a few different things, which all come together to plant a seed into your customer base’s memory. And when the time comes and they need the services of a snow removal company your name will be the first thing to pop into their head.

It’s easier to break down memorability into its base components. A memorable name needs to be short so it can be easily committed to memory. It needs to be witty or thoughtful while still being relevant to the service you provide, and it needs to “roll off the tongue.” Many branding experts will tell you that a good business name is “haunted”; you experience it and then it follows you home!


When was the last time you clicked on page 2 of a Google search? In fact, what is on page 2 of a Google search? It’s a veritable no man’s land for most of us. Suffice to say, if your business name is hard to find and, god forbid, lands on the second page of a regional Google search then you’re as good as hidden from any potential online business.

Findability goes hand in hand with brandability. You need a distinct name that no one else in your region is using or even close to using. It should also feel local in the sense that a person discovering your business online can get a sense of regionality. A “findable” name is unique, descriptive, and should feel like a serendipitous find by anyone searching for your service. Don’t be afraid to make your small business sound “small”—many people equate that to personal customer service.


The availability of your name is straightforward yet important. Before you go through the trouble of filling out paperwork and establishing yourself as a business you need to first make absolutely sure that no one is using your business name. Answer the following questions to sure maximum availability of a name:

  1. Is there a domain name available for this business name?
  2. Are there regional businesses with this name or something similar?
  3. Is there national business with this name or something similar?
    1. If so, would that create any kind of conflict?
  4. Is this a name I want to keep, put all my effort into, and when it succeeds, scale it beyond its current market?
    1. If so, does this name work in that context?

If you feel good about the answers to all of those questions, then it’s time to go ahead and slap your new name onto your snow removal business!

Examples of Great Snow Removal Business Names

Here are a few examples we’ve come up with for some good snow removal business names. We are just spit balling of course. And if you use any of these, you’re welcome!

  • Snow Problem Snow Removal
  • Sleet Fleet Incorporated
  • Snow-a-Salt
  • All-Hands-On-Deck Snow Experts
  • In Snow Time at All

What are some catchy snow names you can think up? We’d love to hear them! Whatever the case, if you consider your business name carefully before making any big decisions, you’ll start your business with its best foot forward, on a plowed sidewalk, no less! Get a quote!