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Do You Really Need Snow Plow Insurance?

Do You Really Need Snow Plow Insurance?

Justin Rollin

You don’t plow snow because it’s fun. There’s nothing fun about it—it’s round-the-clock hard work. Blizzards won’t ask you if you have any plans in the evening—and in fact, most winter storms will sneak in during the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping soundly. Snow removal is your business, plain and simple. And like any business, you have certain liabilities you need to ensure are covered. That’s why, if you don’t have commercial snow plow insurance, you’re making a mistake.

What Is Snow Plow Insurance?

Running a small business requires many types of insurance. If you’re operating your vehicle for commercial purposes, then you need a commercial insurance policy on that vehicle, no matter what. Snow plow insurance is different and it’s necessary if you’re using a commercial vehicle for snow removal.

What Is Snow Plow Insurance?

Your snow-plow insurance will protect you even further than your commercial insurance policy. A commercial insurance policy focuses on bodily injury, with some liability protection thrown in for instances where you’re operating your vehicle without your hitch. Your snow plow insurance policy will kick in any time you’re out there moving snow. Snow plows are unwieldy even with full visibility and favorable conditions. It’s not uncommon to inadvertently cause property damage and that is when snow plow insurance coverage steps in.

Snow Plow Insurance is a Seasonal Expense Worth Making

Unlike commercial vehicle insurance, snow plow insurance is not a year-round expense. You’re only required to pay it during the months in which your plow operates as a snow-removal vehicle. When your plow’s removed from the front of your truck for Spring, Summer, and Fall, you’re not wasting money on your dormant business.

Commercial Auto Insurance Isn’t Enough

The truth is, commercial auto insurance could cover your snow plow in the event of an accident. However, you will find yourself having a lot of trouble with anything beyond general liability, especially if your insurance agent was not informed that you had a plow attached to your vehicle. If you’ve kept that information a secret, then you’ll more than likely be denied by your agent in the event of a collision.

You need to ensure that your insurance agency knows exactly what you use your commercial vehicle for. Even if your snow plow business lasts for 3 months a year, you’re going to find yourself in a lot of trouble if you damage someone’s property, or damage your own vehicle, while conducting snow removal.

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Liabilities Come in Many Shapes and Sizes—You Need to Be Prepared

You didn’t start a prosperous business by not being prepared. In fact, that’s exactly how you found your success as a snow removal company. You were prepared—you were ready for every winter storm that showed even the slightest sign of blowing into your town. You were gassed up and ready to go as soon as your customers needed you.

Liabilities Come in Many Shapes and Sizes—You Need to Be Prepared

Naturally, you’ll want that same level of preparedness when it comes to covering your business. Do not underestimate liability—it comes in many forms. Something as inadvertent as someone tripping over a mound of snow your truck left can get you in hot water. The last thing you want to do is spend your valuable time arguing your commercial liability in small claims court. Instead, let your insurance agency do what they do best and work on behalf of you, so you can continue to run your company.

How Much Does Snow Plow insurance Cost?

Coverage options typically range between $400 and $1000 per year. For many companies, that’s just part of doing business—it’s more expensive to not be properly insured. Not only is snow plow insurance affordable, it’s a signature of trustworthiness and responsibility. You’re telling your clients that you’re a proactive business owner who is serious about their operation.

At the end of the day, if you run a commercial snow plow business, or make any kind of income off of snow removal with your vehicle, then you need to combine snow plow insurance with your normal commercial vehicle insurance policy. There is too much that can go wrong day-to-day. And some mistakes can be so expensive that they cost you your business. Don’t gamble—while you may be a careful driver—many of life’s problems are out of your control. With snow plow insurance, you can at least control your own financial accountability.