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Top 6 Salt Spreaders for Ice Management

Top 6 Salt Spreaders for Ice Management

Justin Rollin

Not all salt spreaders are created equal. You might find yourself, as the owner of a snow removal company, using a few different types of spreaders depending on the weather and the scope of a job. While you know your specific use-cases well, you should be mindful of the variety in your equipment — finding the right balance between value and quality is important in ensuring your investment in equipment is an investment in the future of your business. Be it a tailgate, handheld, or push spreader, the balance between cost and quality is what makes the best salt spreaders currently on the market.

The Best Tailgate Salt Spreaders

What could be more efficient than hitching your salt spreader to the tailgate of your truck? It adds a level of efficiency that is impossible to match by hand. And most of all, it shows your clients that you’re seriously invested in your business and have the equipment to prove it.

Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader, Remote Controlled & Powerful

Meyer makes the top salt spreader on the market. And the Meyer Blaster Tailgate Spreader is one of their best hopper salt spreaders. It utilizes a half a horsepower gas motor that “blasts” rock salt from its hopper, giving it its catchy name. The Meyer Blaster also claims to have the strongest motor of any other spreader on the market. It comes in a 6.5 or 12.8 cubic-foot capacity and even comes with a cabin-controller, allowing you to control the unit from within the warmth of your truck.

Mark F., from Idaho, says:
“I can’t tell you how happy I am to control the hopper from in my cabin, especially when the wind chill is 20 below.”

SaltDogg Tailgate Salt Spreader, For Large & Small Operations

SaltDogg isn’t all bark—they have plenty of bite thanks to their tailgate salt spreader. Their smallest model can hold up to 68 pounds of salt on the back of an SUV or truck. Their largest model can hold 825 pounds! Whether you’ve just gotten into snow removal or are knee-deep in clients, SaltDogg has a capacity that’ll fit your needs. 

Gino H., from New Jersey, says:
“I love the tight-fitting lid. It keeps my salt dry and allows me to store most of my supply, eliminating the need for me to store bulk salt.”

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The Best Handheld Salt Spreaders

For smaller snow removal businesses, sometimes handheld units are all you need for dispersing rock salt. After all, the action of flicking salt by hand adds a tremendous strain on your wrist and is a very tiring and repetitive task. Handheld spreaders are a great way to add efficiency to old fashioned manpower.

Solo 421, Chest-Mounted For Better Handling

Solo has created a truly unique salt spreader with this chest-mounted precision spreader. Because it’s strapped to your body, much of the fatigue caused by carrying rock salt is mitigated. No wheels mean your spreader can go wherever your two feet can. Best of all, its 20-pound capacity is perfect for small to medium jobs. Outside of the winter months, it can also be used for things like fertilizer and insecticide if you do landscaping.

Louis F. from Massachusetts says:
“The solo is like a Baby Bjorn for my salt. It has a large enough capacity to make sure I can finish a job and it couldn’t be any easier to walk and spread at the same time without worrying about the terrain.” 

Scotts Wizz, Super Portable & Super Simple

It may have an odd name, but this spreader is no joke. It’s a tried and true handheld spreader that eliminates the need for any wrist motion. This spreader, while clever, is best saved for those small jobs that your bigger equipment may not be able to get to. But at the end of the day, it’s cheap, versatile, and extremely simple.

Chris T. from Delaware says:
“It’s small, it’s simple, but it packs a punch. I’ve used this for salt and fertilizer on me and my neighbor’s yards and driveways. It does exactly what you think it would.”

The Best Walk Behind (Push) Salt Spreaders

Sometimes, your own two legs can get you places a truck or SUV can’t. For those situations, a push spreader, otherwise known as a “walk behind spreader”, is the best tool in your snow removal arsenal. A good push spreader doesn’t need to be refilled often, can take a beating, and can cover the ground with ease.

Agri-Fab 45-0462, Long-lasting Rust Proofing Beats Back Moisture & Salt

The Agri-Fab is a serious and sturdy push spreader that comes with a rustproof poly hopper right out of the box. With a constant barrage of wet conditions and salt, rust is your worst enemy so its commendable that the people at Agri-Fab thought to minimize its effects. Best of all, the Agri-Fab’s tires are air-driven, ensuring smooth maneuvering on even the roughest terrain. With a 130-pound capacity, you shouldn’t need to refill for most jobs.

Alex L. from Minnesota says:
“The pneumatic tires are like driving on air. And I’ve had this spreader out for 5 winters now without any signs of rust.”

Earthway 2150, Compact & Affordable

It may look a bit odd, but the Earthway is the perfect push spreader for people with medium-sized snow removal needs and not a lot of storage space. Most of the Earthway’s bulk is vertical on purpose — to minimize the amount of storage room needed to store the unit. With a capacity of 50 pounds, this spreader is the perfect cost-effective solution to a growing business. 

Drew N. from Vermont says:
“This is a perfect complement to my snowplow. It barely takes up any space and it’s a great way to finish up a job by hand when the need arises.”

Which Spreader is Right for Me?

There is no easy way for someone to answer that question for you. Your business will evolve, and as it changes, so will its needs. It’s best to invest in tools that are scalable, long-lasting, and versatile throughout your foreseeable future. To be a truly adaptable snow removal business, you may even find the need to invest in all corners of the spreader market. After all, not every snow removal job is the same and the biggest and toughest spreading solution isn’t always the best fit for your job.