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Why Is Road Salt Blue?

Why Is Road Salt Blue?

Justin Rollin

If you live in a cold area where snow and ice are regular occurrences, de-icing products are part of your daily life in the winter. Though there are many different types of bulk rock salt and ice melts, you’ve also probably noticed that sometimes the salt that’s spread to keep the roads and sidewalks clear is blue.

But why is road salt blue? We’ll answer that question, as well as where to purchase bulk blue road salt, below!

What Is Blue Road Salt?

You might be thinking that there is some great difference in the effectiveness of blue road salt, or else that the blue color is due to an additive that changes its chemical composition and power. In reality, though different salts may have additives and different compositions, what actually makes road salt blue is just a dye, not any other additions.

Rock salt generally has a gray or even brown color because after being mined or the water around it evaporated, it will still have many impurities mixed in with it, such as sand, plants, and other substances.

Why Is Some Road Salt Blue?

why is road salt blue

We know that blue-colored road salt is the same thing as regular road salt, so why dye the salt blue at all? The use of dye is just meant to be an identifier. Not only is blue easy to see, but the color also makes it much simpler to determine which roads, lots, and sidewalks have been salted and which still require an application.

This way, the plow driver applying the product can see where and how much salt has been applied. It also ensures that those walking on the sidewalks or driving on roads and parking lots know which areas have been treated with salt and which pose a greater risk of danger. An additional benefit of dying the road salt blue is that colored salts absorb sunlight more, further aiding in the snow and ice removal process.

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In summary, different salts of different chemical compositions are blended together to alter their efficiency and effectiveness, but the color of the rock salt has no impact on those things. The blue color is just used to make it easier to see which areas have been salted and which have not.

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