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The Most Important Snow Removal Business Templates to Keep You Covered

The Most Important Snow Removal Business Templates to Keep You Covered

Justin Rollin

Here are The Most Important Snow Removal Business Templates to Keep You Covered

It’s tempting to run into starting your snow removal business without ensuring you have the necessary documentation on-hand. It’s just snow, right? However, it’s important that you take a proactive approach to your business strategy or you might find yourself without the right paperwork when the time comes.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a helpful list of the most important snow removal business templates to make your life easier. All you need to do is keep them on-hand and, when you need it, simply fill in the blanks!

Marketing Postcard

As good as you might be at snow removal, you’ll need customers to know that you exist to make a living. Direct mail is still one of the most effective methods of outreach in our industry and we suggest you take advantage. A marketing postcard is simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective at communicating to your service area that you’re ready to be their go-to snow removal expert.

Where to find a template: we suggest you take a look at the landscaping templates found on the VistaPrint website here. You can pick one that catches your eye and easily edit it to fit your needs. Not everyone has a graphic designer on-demand, so make your life easier by going with a drag-and-drop marketing postcard design.

Bidding Template

There should be some degree of individuality applied to the bids you send to potential clients. However, the bid itself does not need to be reinvented every single time you send it out. Save yourself time and money by keeping a bidding template on-hand to fill in any time you have a prospective client on the line.

Where to find a template: we like this one from It’s simple yet detailed and, best of all, comes as both a downloadable PDF or as a Word Document. It’s easy to edit to suit your needs and, when a potential client receives it, the bid will be crystal clear.

Proposal Template

The biggest difference between a bidding template and a proposal template is your level of familiarity with the client. If you’ve worked with them in the past, then a proposal template is more appropriate. A proposal is a way of continuing or expanding the scope of existing work. It’s great to have on hand when a job gets bigger or you want a client to sign on for another year.

Where to find a template: comes in again as a useful resource for templates. Their proposal template is simple, friendly, and versatile.

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Snow Removal Contract

When a customer finally agrees to work with you, the last thing you want to do is find yourself without a contract template. Before you even score your first client, ensure you have a snow removal contract template ready. Moreover, make sure you understand exactly what’s on the contract so you’re not caught unaware when your potential client has some questions about the document.

Where to find a template: we think this template from is straightforward. It goes over every potential facet of snow and ice removal including snow-depth calculation.

Log Sheets

Understanding your workload isn’t intuitive; it’s something you need to measure and track. With that said, a log sheet template is a must-have for your business. Most of your drivers are probably not in a position to whip out a laptop or tablet when they’re in their truck. For this reason, we’d suggest you keep the logs on paper and then digitize them at the end of each week.

Where to find a template: snow removal logs don’t have to be fancy. In fact, the simpler they are the more likely your team is going to fill them out. The snow removal log template found here is a great balance of important details and minimalism.

Invoice Sample

The honor system is not something that many businesses work from. If you expect to be paid by your clients, then it stands to reason that you need to send them an invoice. To put it simply, an invoice is no different than a utility bill, except for the fact that you are charging them for your service. Invoices should be simple but have the right information on them; no one wants an invoice to bounce back as unpaid due to a lack of information.

Where to find a template: if you don’t create invoices using billing software, then it’s important that you have an easy way to create one. We prefer the various templates found on the Microsoft Office website; they are intuitive and use formulas to make your job easier.

Subcontractor agreement

Sometimes workloads exceed your ability to complete it all in a timely manner. Or maybe your client needs some additional work that is outside of your wheelhouse. Whatever the case, it doesn’t hurt to have a subcontractor agreement template filed away for when you need to enlist the help of a sub to complete a particular job.

Where to find a template: has a great wizard that will generate an agreement based on your state as well as your hiring needs. It will cover all of your bases; even the ones you might not know need covering.

Rate Increase Letter

You wouldn’t work at a job very long if, year after year, you never got a pay raise. You should hold your own business to those same standards. While it might sting from time to time, it’s important to raise your rates to compete with inflation and ensure your business grows in a sustainable manner. Don’t just plow into a rate increase notice without first consulting the language of a rate increase letter template. Even if you heavily personalize the letter, it’s good to use it as a jumping-off point.

Where to find a template: rate increases are a touchy subject, that’s why we suggest you read this helpful blog article, which also has a letter template at the bottom. Failing to properly (and tactfully) justify a rate increase could lose you a client.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Use a Template

Sure, you could write all of this stuff yourself. We actually suggest you personalize every single one of these templates to suit your particular business as well as the client you intend to reach out to. However, there is no need to start from scratch. Worst yet, don’t scramble to get your hands on a template when it’s already too late. Be prepared, proactive, and keep your templates organized.