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The 5 Best Liquid Deicer Sprayers

The 5 Best Liquid Deicer Sprayers

Justin Rollin

While you wouldn’t want to go crazy spreading your rock salt all over the place, liquid deicer sprayers are even more in need of a spreading solution. Most snow removal experts swear by liquid deicer. This can be applied with a sprayer.

There are many deicer sprayers and liquid ice melt sprayers on the market. Depending on your circumstances, you may favor one delivery method over another. There is no quintessential “best” sprayer, but there are leaders within each category of sprayer.

The Best ATV-mounted Sprayer

Not every job requires a truck. Some won’t even accommodate one. It’s simple to get an ATV wherever you need to go. ATV sprayers are a great tool for clients that need plenty of mobility and maneuverability.

atv deicer sprayer

NorthStar ATV Boomless Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Manufacturer’s Website

$249.00 | 4.5 out of 5 stars

Northstar’s ATV-mounted sprayer is a premium model. For one, it runs on an electric 12-volt pump that drives 70PSI to spread your liquid deicer from the back of your ATV.

Moreover, this sprayer can switch between broadcast spray and spot spray. This way, it can make quick work of a job while having the ability to focus in on particularly tight or tricky areas. With a 26-gallon capacity, you should be able to complete most jobs without a refill.

The Best Tow-Behind Sprayer

Tow-behind deicer sprayers are like ATV sprayers. They are often carried by a vehicle of some kind, spraying behind it. However, tow-behind models offer more flexibility because of the way they’re hitched. A tow-behind sprayer can be hooked to an ATV, a UTV, or anything else you’re driving.


Chapin EZ Tow, Peristaltic Tow-Behind Sprayer

Manufacturer’s Website

$419.00 | 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the principle of peristalsis (no electricity needed) the Chapin EZ Tow provides a whopping 40PSI. It has good old fashioned, clever engineering. At 15-gallons, the EZ Tow should store enough liquid deicer for most jobs. The EZ Tow’s 5.5-foot spray will make quick work of most jobs while still giving you control over your spray area. No electricity means fewer potential problems. Best of all, the EZ Tow’s pneumatic tires are stable even on the most uneven terrain.

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The Best Backpack Sprayer

Sometimes even the best tires can’t beat your own two feet. Backpack sprayers offer almost complete freedom to maneuver around obstacles. You’re making up for the extra work with extreme mobility. It also will save you money.


Chapin 4 Gal. Pre-treat and Liquid Ice Melt Backpack Sprayer

Manufacturer’s Website

$91.99 | 5 out of 5 stars

Chapin is a recognizable name in the sprayer and spreader industry and it’s for good reason. Their premium line of backpack sprayers are ergonomic enough to allow you to wear one for as long as it takes. Comfort for hours. The backpack sprayer’s 4-gallon tank is see-through so you can see how full and how clean it is. And to keep it clean, Chapin has introduced a 3-stage filtration system to limit any annoying plug ups.

The Best Truck Mounted Sprayer

So you’ve been in this game a while. You have the capacity and the clients to invest in some serious hardware. Moreover, efficiency is your game these days. Crunching numbers, completing jobs, and multi-tasking all correspond to revenue. So, it’s important to have the tools on-hand that can make quick work of any job. If this sounds like you, then you’re ready for a truck-mounted deicing sprayer.


SnowEx Accuspray VSS-1000-1

Manufacturer’s Website

$2,618.00 | 4.5 out of 5 stars

Call it the Cadillac of sprayers; the AccuSpray by SnowEx is a behemoth. It functions as a spreader, a 4-foot boom sprayer, and a spot sprayer. It will deice any size sidewalk in minutes. With a 100-gallon capacity, you can more than likely fit in a few jobs before your liquid runs out. With such a large contraption you’ll need a compatible utility vehicle as transport. With a 50-foot hose, you have plenty of slack to take your spot sprayer to every nook and corner of a lot. The Accuspray’s 3-position nozzle allows for a triple-stream, single-stream, or wide fan application.

The Cheapest Deicing Sprayer for Small Jobs

Handheld sprayers are a great for business owners wishing to do their own deicing. Hand held sprayers do not cut it for bigger jobs but for a small property they work great. If you’re a snow removal company, there is little reason to stake your business on a handheld sprayer. With that said, they’re great tools for a modest storefront and small parking lot.

Whatever Works Deluxe Liquid Deicing System

Manufacturer’s Website

$39.99 | 4 out of 5 stars

With a name like “Whatever Works”, you can expect a simple solution to your deicing problem. Whatever Works has designed a “Deluxe Liquid Deicing System”. A one-time-use container of deicer is fitted with a simple hand-pump. Through the magic of elbow grease you’re ready to start deicing your lot. At just one gallon of solution, you have enough to deice 1,000 square feet, which is perfect for a small storefront. However, at just $15.00 each, one-gallon refills are easy to find. While this product isn’t exactly cutting-edge, it’s a refreshingly cheap solution. It will get a small job done effectively.