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Parking Lot Dust Control with Calcium and Magnesium Chloride

Parking Lot Dust Control with Calcium and Magnesium Chloride

Justin Rollin

Driveway dust control is one thing, as it’s a small area, but parking lot dust control is a much bigger endeavor. Parking lots of industrial and commercial sites often have a major dust problem, creating some health and safety hazards.

Dust flies everywhere, affecting drivers’ lungs and decreasing visibility. Unlike simple dusty driveway solutions like watering, a parking lot requires a stronger and more reliable dust suppression system —  like the use of salt.

In this article, we’ll give you an easy rundown on using magnesium and calcium chloride for dust control.

Why Does Your Parking Lot Need Dust Control? 

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All-day long, cars and trucks are driving around parking lots, constantly shifting dust and dirt particles that end up flying through the air and bugging you and anyone who parks there. This dust can impact visibility, making it harder for drivers to see and increasing the chances of accidents in your parking lot. It can also pose a serious health risk; it can negatively affect the lungs and lead to difficulty breathing and coughing.

Additionally, dust can get into the cracks and crevices of your business’ building or facility. This will ultimately lead to physical and structural damage, costing you stress and money in the future. Also, don’t forget that excessive dust will dirty up cars, which is an inconvenience that will upset your customers and discourage them from coming again.

Dust control products for parking lots will help you avoid these issues, keeping your customers, employees, and visitors safe from accidents and hazards, as well as ensuring their future return. There are a few dust control methods, like wetting the ground with water, but treating your parking lot with salt is an easy, effective, and relatively inexpensive one.

What Options Do You Have for Dust Control?

There are some effective dust control solutions available, but your best bet is to use a product that contains chlorine. There are other methods, but they’re more difficult to keep up with. For example, constantly wetting the dirt road to keep it damp is time-consuming and expensive, and reducing traffic or vehicle speed is somewhat unrealistic.

You can trust either magnesium chloride dust control or calcium chloride dust control to give you the results you’re looking for, keeping dust production low for a longer period.

Calcium Chloride for Dust Control

A popular choice for dust control is calcium chloride, a hygroscopic salt that works by absorbing moisture from the air to make the parking lot surface damp and trap any loose dust or dirt particles down.

Thanks to its high concentration of chlorides, calcium chloride is easily one of the most effective products for dust management and requires the fewest number of applications. It can also successfully keep a parking lot damp even on hot, dry days.

Also, calcium chloride can help make your parking lot safer by further stabilizing the ground; dust particles bind together well, creating a hard surface that won’t be as affected when cars drive over it, limiting the number of potholes created, as well as the road maintenance needed. 

One easy application using such liquid de-icer products as liquid calcium chloride sprayers or manual spreading will allow you to maintain a safer, more comfortable experience for all visitors and employees entering your parking lot. If you run a retail business, customers are more likely to return when the conditions are pleasant and risk-free.

Don’t forget, the decrease in applications necessary will save you time and money in labor and material costs. With calcium chloride, your parking lot can stay damp for weeks without rain washing it away.

Magnesium Chloride for Dust Control 

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Another great option for your parking lot is using magnesium chloride flakes for dust control. As another hygroscopic salt, it works much the same as calcium chloride, trapping dust and dirt particles to the parking lot surface by absorbing moisture from the air and dampening the ground. 

It’s especially great if your parking lot has very fine soil or an unstable surface. It will bind even the tiniest particles to the ground, allowing a more stable surface for cars to drive on, preventing erosion and potholes, and creating dust-free air for visitors to enjoy. It’s also helpful in areas with varying weather conditions, as it will maintain road dampness regardless of the climate conditions.

It’s also the more child, environment, and pet-friendly option, as its lower concentration of chloride makes it less irritating to the skin, less corrosive to paws, and safer overall for plant life. If you expect families with pets and kids to be walking through or near your lot, magnesium chloride is the way to go for dust control.

Using magnesium chloride is a fantastic way to keep the environment, customers and employees, and even cars safe while providing ample dust control that is sure to save you time and money in the long run. 

How to Apply Dust Suppressants

Calcium and magnesium chloride is typically applied to parking lots using liquid salt brine sprayers, which can be handheld or attached to a truck. Sprayers will allow for a more even application of dust suppressant, which will in turn ensure that the parking lot is safe for a more extended period.

If you lack the access or resources to obtain this professional-grade equipment, be sure to use magnesium chloride, as it will be less irritating if it comes in contact with the skin. Either way, be sure to take precautions when applying dust suppressants.

If you don’t know how to apply magnesium chloride for dust control properly, or just don’t feel confident doing it yourself, hiring professionals is always the safest choice.

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Using magnesium or calcium chloride is an effective method for controlling dust in your commercial or industrial parking lot, ensuring employees and customers remain safe while at your property.

Ninja De-Icer offers unbeatable dust control solutions, including rock salts and ice melts, that are sure to keep your lots in tip-top shape. Get a quote today to hear more about our products!