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Best Snow & Ice Control Strategies in Wisconsin: Liquid De-Icers

Best Snow & Ice Control Strategies in Wisconsin: Liquid De-Icers

Justin Rollin

Winter can sneak up on everyone, it is important to always be ready before the first snowstorm. Especially if you are a facility manager for a commercial or residential property in Milwaukee and the Green Bay area; you must plan out the entire winter season to ensure the safety of your tenants or people who work in your buildings. Poor snow and ice management can invite injuries and lawsuits.

How to Use Liquid De-Icers

Use Liquid De-Icers

When building your snow and ice management plan for the season, it is important to consider liquid de-icing (salt brine) as an option. When liquid de-icers are applied before the first snowstorm it can significantly prevent ice build-up from getting out of hand. Once you have chosen the liquid de-icer that is best suited for your commercial property, it is time to apply it, but it is important to follow certain instructions when using liquid de-icers.

Here are some surface managing techniques when it comes to liquid de-icers:

  • Firstly, use the minimum amount needed, make sure the surface is fully covered but don’t use excessively.
  • Secondly, the sooner you apply the brine, the more effective it will be, make sure you get to the ice just before it starts solidifying.
  • Thirdly, it is best to apply liquids before the formation of snow. Conversely, rock salt is a great product to use after the ice has already formed.

Consider Application Rates

As mentioned above, a liquid de-icing application must be done in a uniform way so as to avoid overuse of the product; overuse does not increase efficiency, but rather will have undesirable effects. There are certain conditions when liquid products should not be applied such as:

  • on gravel
  • freezing rain
  • heavy winds
  • if there is already salt on the ground
  • if it is too cold

Here are the rates per 1000 sq. ft.

Dry weather 23% solution of liquid chloride applied at 40 to 60 gallons per mile lane Application before a snow event
At the onset of a snowfall Liquid chemicals can be used if the temperature of the pavement is above 20° F Anything below that temperature, liquids are not recommended
Frost/black ice 0.5 gallons of liquid anti-icing Highly recommended 
For a thin layer of ice When pavement temperature is above 28° F Very effective
Prewetting a dry chemical 10 to 12 gallons per 1 ton of dry chemical


Stick to Best Application Techniques

To fully maximize the effectiveness of ice management for your commercial property, certain application techniques must be followed.

  • It is important to use liquid chemicals in temperatures above 22° F.
  • Plan to apply the liquid de-icing product at least 90 minutes before the first snowfall in order to reduce the build-up of ice.
  • In a storm, whether it be a snowstorm, freezing rain, or anything in between, it is not recommended to apply liquid chemicals.
  • It is always important to follow the application instructions provided for each product and to not diverge from them, if not applied properly or at the wrong times undesired side effects could occur.
  • In the case of winds exceeding 15 mph, applying liquid de-icing could fail or the material can be obstructed or displaced, so it is important to follow the weather trends and plan accordingly.

It is vital to remember that liquid de-icers are an important first step in properly executing a snow and ice management plan, followed by the other two key steps which include snow removal and salt application. Preemptively  applying liquid de-icers onto your property can significantly reduce the formation of ice saving you a great deal of money, time, and labor.

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Commercial snow and ice management is a key to a successful, safe, and painless winter season. Having the right tools, the right products, and the right supplier will make you dive into the winter season with confidence. There is no time to waste, get a quote for the best sodium chloride and other efficient deicing products. Don’t let winter creep up on you.