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5 Advantages of Buying Rock Salt in Bulk

5 Advantages of Buying Rock Salt in Bulk

Justin Rollin

Now that the winter weather has come to a close, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year, especially if you’re living in colder areas like Green Bay or Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Next time you see bulk rock salt for sale, don’t hesitate! Why? Well, there are quite a few reasons to buy salt in bulk in advance of the next winter season and we’ll go through them with you in this article.

1. Save Money

There’s no doubt about it, the biggest advantage of buying your rock salt in bulk is how much money you can save. Depending on your supplier, the brand you choose, and the type of salt you require, the saved sum can be quite large!

If you don’t have room for a full truckload of bulk salt, you can still save money when you purchase 2,000 lb super sacks, designed to get your company through the longest of winters. And getting effective, cheap salt in bulk doesn't have to be difficult! If you’re in search of reasonable bulk rock salt prices, look no further than Ninja De-Icer, your one-stop shop for bulk salt.

2. Avoid Last Minute Rush 

As soon as the snow starts, everyone is looking for bulk rock salt for sale and desperate to stock up on enough salt to keep their business going through the winter. As wait times to get your salt to lengthen and delays become inevitable, the best solution is to buy your rock salt in bulk and in advance to help you avoid waiting for your delivery or at the docks to pick up your order.

3. Save Time on Winter Preparation

When you’re preparing for winter, you don’t want to waste time figuring out where to buy bulk salt and how much it will cost you. Buying in advance will allow you more time to start getting ready for winter, like prepping your facility or allocating teams, instead of investing that precious time looking for cheap and available salt.

4. Have Enough Resources Throughout the Winter

large bags of salt

We never know how long winter will last, and finding out you don’t have enough salt to get your facility, company, or municipality through the season is a nightmare! Buying rock salt in bulk will ensure you never reach the bottom of your salt bin. When you buy rock salt in bulk, and in advance, you can rest safely knowing you’re ready to go with large bags of salt when Mother Nature brings the snow and ice.

5. Avoid Salt Shortages 

With snow still falling in April this year, you never know how long next winter will last. In a longer winter, it’s not uncommon to see suppliers running out of rock salt well before the season ends, leaving companies, municipalities, and facilities to scramble to find more. These salt shortages spell disaster, but buying in bulk (and in advance) can ensure you don’t run out of salt prematurely, no matter how long winter lasts next year. 

How to Store Bulk Rock Salt

After you purchase your order of bulk rock salt, it’s crucial to know how and where to properly store it to avoid wasting it. It would be best to store it where temperatures won’t fall below freezing, as that will lead to clumping, but that is often not an option, so instead just ensure that it remains dry and fully covered. Rock salt will absorb moisture, so it’s important to store it where moisture can’t reach it. Ideally, try to store your rock salt on asphalt or concrete and not directly on the ground. Remember: keep it high and dry! 

How Much Rock Salt Do I Need? 

How much rock salt you will need depends entirely on what you’re using it for. Different amounts of salt will be required based on the surface area that needs to be covered; a small parking lot will not require as much as miles of city roads. Additionally, the frequency as to which you will be servicing the site will impact how much product is used.

This rock salt coverage calculator will tell you all of the criteria needed to get an accurate idea of how much rock salt to purchase.

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Where to Buy Bulk Salt in Wisconsin and the Midwest

So, now that you know to order in advance, you might be wondering: where can I buy salt in bulk? Ninja De-Icer is a well-respected, long-time bulk rock salt supplier that can help you get ready in advance for the winter months. If you are ready to order or would like to speak with one of our experts first, contact us today!