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ForceClear® Runway De-Icer

ForceClear® Runway De-Icer

ForceClear® is an environmentally safe liquid runway de-icer that is safe for use on runways, taxiways, and parking aprons. ForceClear® is certified to meet SAE AMS 1435D specifications as required by the Federal Aviation Administration. This non-corrosive and non-damaging liquid de-icer provides superior holdover time compared to other de-icing fluids, allowing for safer takeoffs and landings in winter weather conditions. ForceClear® effectively clears snow and ice buildup from airport surfaces.

Chemical Composition:
Potassium Acetate with Corrosion Inhibitor
Can be ordered by the tote or truckload
Additional Information

ForceClear® is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and does not contain chlorides. ForceClear® is readily biodegradable in water and maintains a low COD and BOD.

Shipping and Delivery

Get liquid de-icer in 275-gallon totes or opt for larger orders by the truckload. Our comprehensive selection includes various products and additives, allowing for customized liquid de-icing solutions. Delivery services extend to Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas, with prices and delivery times dependent on the location.

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