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DOWFLAKE™ XTRA Calcium Chloride Flakes

DOWFLAKE™ XTRA Calcium Chloride Flakes

With 10% more calcium chloride than typical flakes and greater pound-for-pound performance, DOWFLAKE Xtra Calcium Chloride is a powerful option for battling dust, ice, and snow.
Chemical Composition:
83-87% Calcium chloride
Starting at:
*Prices are subject to change
Additional Information
This purified, inorganic salt releases heat upon application to melt snow and ice quickly and effectively. It’s also effective for dust control, keeping dust particles in place by absorbing moisture from its environment.
Shipping and Delivery
We offer a wide range of different bagged salt products for delivery. Find everything you need, from traditional rock salt to magnesium and calcium chloride in our extensive selection. We deliver our products to customers across the US, in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Kansas, and Missouri. The price of delivery, as well as delivery time, vary depending on location and products. Get in touch with us for a quote.
Pre-Season Truckload Pricing
Pre-Season Truckload Pricing

Pre-Season Truckload Pricing

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Only from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, 2023

Financing & Delivery Available
Rock Salt (Halite) $4.37 Per Bag*
Thunder Melt Ice Melter $5.81 Per Bag*
Sizzle Premium Ice Melter $7.19 Per Bag*

*Truckload pricing

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