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Bulk Salt & Liquid Ice Melt for Sidewalks

Bulk Salt & Liquid Ice Melt for Sidewalks

It’s imperative to keep people safe by ensuring sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots of commercial and municipal buildings are clear of ice. You can keep these areas low-risk and slip-free with ice-melting bulk sidewalk salt.

Our Best Sidewalk Ice Melt Products

Ninja De-Icer boasts a wide range of products from bulk rock salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride blends, and liquid de-icers like liquid ice melt for sidewalks. If you’re looking to purchase calcium chloride for salting sidewalks, or any other ice melting products to keep sidewalks safe all winter long, we’re ready to help.

Industries We Serve



Maintaining a municipality in the cold months means keeping sidewalks clean, clear, and safe for everyone, which is why we offer quality sidewalk salt and liquid ice melt.



Government buildings experience heavy foot traffic, with citizens and employees alike entering and exiting constantly. It’s crucial to have effective and efficient sidewalk ice melt or rock salt, and we’re ready to provide it.



Customers can’t purchase your products if they’re not safe walking up to the shop! If you’re looking for the best salt for sidewalks, check out our extensive catalog of efficient sidewalk ice melt products.

Choose Our Road De-Icer Products

Ninja De-Icer provides top-of-the-line de-icers that are not only effective but also efficient, working quickly to melt tough ice without damaging pavement. Looking for safe salt for sidewalks or lots? Ninja De-Icer has you covered.

Our Service Area

We service cities and towns throughout the Midwest and well beyond. No matter where you’re located nationwide, we can deliver our high-quality de-icing products straight to you.
Our popular areas include:

- Bulk
- Brine
- Bagged
- Treated
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Prompt professional service. Adam is very responsive and great to work with. Contract pricing is straightforward and competitive with no surprises when billed.

Brad A.CEO

Ninja De-Icer does an exceptional job at communicating with their clients. If any questions arise they have the answer or get back to you in an acceptable amount of time. They are a great company to get your de-icing supplies from.

Brian R.General Manager

Sidewalk Ice Melter FAQs

Is Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Safe for Sidewalks?

Calcium chloride for sidewalks is considered a safe choice. If you’re trying to avoid corrosion, it’s a safe alternative because it’s less caustic than other salts.

Can I Use Rock Salt for Sidewalk Snow and Ice Melting?

Is rock salt good for your sidewalk? It is definitely an effective method of managing ice and snow on sidewalks, as well as being cost-effective and easy to apply. It’s especially good when the temperature outside is above 15˚F.