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Salt & Liquid De-Icers for Roads Melting

Salt & Liquid De-Icers for Roads Melting

In harsh winter weather, it’s crucial to have the right tools to keep roads and pavement clear and safe. Our high-quality calcium chloride road de-icer will effectively decrease risk to drivers, infrastructure, and the surrounding environment.

Our Best Road Ice Melt Products

Industries We Serve

We provide salt and liquid de-icers to a variety of industries. From a retail business parking lot to an entire municipality, Ninja De-Icer is ready to help keep roads ice-free.



Because ensuring sidewalks and roads are safe and maneuverable in the winter months is a top priority for municipalities, our top priority is providing them with cost-effective, environmentally friendly salt and de-icers to do so.



With heavy foot traffic surrounding government buildings, it’s essential to keep the property safe and ice-free. That’s why we guarantee product efficiency and reliability first and foremost.



If customers can’t walk around your retail business, they can’t go inside and shop! It’s important for businesses to be proactive and purchase the right products to prepare for winter weather.

Choose Our Road De-Icer Products

We offer road salt for sale that works better than the average driveway salt. Our products work efficiently to melt hazardous ice quickly and fully, even in freezing temperatures.

Our Service Area

At Ninja De-Icer, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched products and services to customers in and around the Midwest, serving 22 states and counting.
We offer pick-up in the following major cities:

- Bulk
- Brine
- Bagged
- Treated
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Prompt professional service. Adam is very responsive and great to work with. Contract pricing is straightforward and competitive with no surprises when billed.

Brad A.CEO

Ninja De-Icer does an exceptional job at communicating with their clients. If any questions arise they have the answer or get back to you in an acceptable amount of time. They are a great company to get your de-icing supplies from.

Brian R.General Manager

Road Melters FAQs

Is calcium chloride ice melt safe for concrete?

Using calcium chloride on concrete for ice melt should not negatively affect the pavement, as it is generally less corrosive and more environmentally friendly than other salts. Overall, calcium chloride is safe for concrete and works very well with it, even in freezing temperatures.

What is the best de-icer for roads?

One of the best de-icers to use on roads and other paved surfaces is calcium chloride road de-icer. It is cost-effective, works quickly, has a reduced environmental impact, is less corrosive and damaging, and works in any and all temperatures.