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Bulk & Treated Salt for Sale

Bulk & Treated Salt for Sale

Bulk Rock Salt is an effective way to protect your business. It is a cost-effective and efficient de-icer used far and wide for decades. In addition, purchasing in bulk ensures... Read More you will have enough product to sustain your needs until your next order arrives. This is especially important since the weather is increasingly more and more unpredictable.

About Our Best Bulk & Treated Salt Products

We offer rock salt in enormous quantities of standard and treated salt to ensure you’re stocked up all winter long. Apply after plowing for an ice-free finish. Our bulk salt products help to melt away snow and ice and keep it from reforming. With proper application, your clients will be safe, happy, and free from the risk of slip-and-fall incidents on their parking lots and sidewalks. Traditional bulk ice control salt and treated bulk salt are also available in one-ton super sacks for cost-effective smaller-scale commercial and industrial applications.