Can We Wait for a Salt Shortage This Year?

Road safety is always important, however, during winter months, clean roads can mean the difference between life and death. In recent years, less salt has been produced, thus less salt is available on the market. The pandemic has also played a role in anticipation of an even more critical year for salt this winter. This could spell a disaster and create a severe salt shortage in the Midwest.

What Can Cause a Rock Salt Shortage?

Many factors can contribute to a salt shortage. Unpredictable weather is the main cause, in recent years, winters and winter storms have been utterly temperamental. Other issues can affect a salt shortage, such as mining difficulties and worker strikes in salt mines. This forces us to turn to the import of salt, which has its own difficulties, made even more pronounced due to the recent worldwide pandemic. A salt shortage this winter can cause damages to properties, appliances, and plumbing fixtures which can be avoided with great planning.

Weather Predictions

Weather Predictions

Weather prediction is an elusive science, however, in recent decades, scientists have been able to predict the weather by observing previous weather patterns and collecting data. This means that even though weather prediction is not an exact science, there has been a lot of progress made. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has discovered a trend for this upcoming winter season. Due to the current alarming drought that is being experienced in the western half of the United States, they predict dramatic scenes this winter for the Northeast of the US. NOAA anticipates the weather this winter to be cooler, wetter than usual in the North, and warmer, drier in the South.

How to Be Prepared for The Ice Melt Shortage?

How to Be Prepared for The Ice Melt Shortage

There are many ways to prepare for a salt shortage, it all boils down to planning. Here below, you will find ways to ensure that your winter will be abundant when it comes to safety.

Buy Earlier

To avoid being in a crisis this winter, buy your salt early in the season. Buying early comes with many advantages, such as the choices are greater, prices are lower, and you can purchase as much as desired, thus preventing a shortage. This is basic supply and demand: buy early and invest in your peace of mind.

Buy Salt in Bulk

Buying in bulk may seem like the equivalent of panic buying, but it is quite different. To ensure a safe and affable winter, purchasing large quantities of salt and salt products will lead to a sense of serenity.

Conserve the Salt That You Have

Conserve the Salt That You Have

It is imperative to conserve your salt; this can be done in many ways, but the most obvious is don’t use unnecessary quantities at a time. Another way to maximize salt is by mixing it with additives, increasing the desired result while using less salt. Cleaning the pathways and plowing regularly can also aid in conserving salt.

Find a Professional Snow Contractor

Relying on a professional snow removal company is the easiest way to endure a harsh winter and avoid the stress of a salt shortage. Snow removal companies have the equipment and salt to ensure that your winter slides by without many worries.

Prepare a Snow Management Plan

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It is essential to work out a plan before winter knocks on the door. There are many ways to avoid a dangerous winter season. It is always better to expect the unexpected rather than suffer the consequences of poor planning.


Give yourself a break this winter, start a plan now. Start salt hunting, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Be proactive this winter and not reactive!

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Al Gossen
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Al Gossen
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""I’ve worked with different bulk salt providers in the past, but I trust Ninja De-icer. They always have product. Those guys were great and easy to work with because they communicated and always came through when I needed them. Highly recommend."
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Bill Bruss
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