The 4 Best Truck Mounted Snow Blowers

What happens when you have a client who is wary of you using a snowplow on their property? Sometimes a homeowner association disallows it or sometimes the property is unable to take a plow blade, for whatever reason. You might think, in this case, that you’re up the creek without a paddle. What is your alternative? A shovel? Pushing a tiny snowplow around for a few hours? Even the best snow blowers on the market are best reserved for you and maybe your neighbor’s driveway.

The good news is there are other ways to use a truck to remove snow even without a plow blade. While a push blower isn’t going to cut it for your snow removal business, a truck-mounted snow blower could work.

In the past, we’ve discussed tractor snowblower combos. These units usually fit onto something small like a riding mower. A snowblower attachment for your truck is even better. On average, a front-mounted snowblower will carry the power of 6 regular snowblowers, giving you an excess of horsepower that can make even a big job as easy.

We’ve compiled a list of the best truck-mounted blowers in the industry. We weighed the pros and cons of our favorite models to give you the information you need to make your own choice and give you a few more great options for alternative snow removal.

SnowVac 84

Snow blower mounted to a truck with plow markers


Weight: 1250 pounds
Width: 84”

The SnowVac 84 is perhaps the quintessential pickup mounted snowblower that you can buy today. It fits both Fisher and Western mount types, which gives you options and a bit of universality when choosing a mount solution for your truck. The blower is 84 inches wide, hence the name. 

While some truck-mounted blowers are powered by the truck’s engine, SnowVac 84 blowers are powered by their own v-twin-cylinder, air-cooled, 38 hp horizontal-shaft engine. The valve train in the 84 is powered by hydraulics, meaning it requires little maintenance. Hydraulic snowblowers require less maintenance in general.

SnowVac Junior 66

Snowvac model snow blower on the front of a tractor


Weight: 825 pounds
Width: 66”

If you don’t have the money or lack a truck suitable for the 84, the SnowVac Junior 66 is a size down. It fits most tractors and functions much in the same way as the 84 model. The biggest difference? It’s width, consistent with its name, is 66 inches across.

Hanson 84 Snow Blower

Snow blower on the front of a tractor


Weight: 1,200-1,500 pounds
Width: 84”

It’s no secret that the SnowVac 84 is essentially a resurrection of the now-defunct Hanson 84 snowblower, which is no longer manufactured. At 84 inches wide, the Hanson should fit any truck mount. Why would you want to look into a discontinued blower? The price. 

Hanson blowers are of excellent quality. If you ask around locally or check eBay you can find them for sale for much less than the comparable SnowVac 84. If you’re a handy person capable of doing a few repairs, then an old Hanson 84 could be an excellent investment.

B.E.A.R. Fabrication Snow Blower

orange snow blower mounted on the front of a pick up truck


Weight: 750-800 pounds
Width: 80”

B.E.A.R. is a small company making some big products. Their custom-made truck-mounted snow blower features a universal mount as well as a fully hydraulic power source, which sits in the bed of your truck for easy disconnect.

The blower can be fully controlled from inside your cab, which makes those below-freezing days that much easier to bear. Best of all, the super-powered blower can move 440 tons of snow in a single hour. Because of B.E.A.R.’s lightweight design, you can easily switch out the mount and install this blower on either a tractor or skid steer. While the B.E.A.R. is easier to move around, it is narrower than the SnowVac or Hanson 84” models.

Moving Snow Without a Plow Was Never Easier

If you need to move a lot of snow but can’t use a plow blade, then a truck, tractor, or skid steer-mounted snow blower is your next best option. Whether you get the best truck mounted blower in the business, get a tried-and-true vintage blower that you can fix up and call your own, or have one custom fabricated, you’ll see that you can move hundreds of tons of snow without a blade.

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